Monday, 26 April 2010

ANZAC day and more

Yesterday was ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand. Alexander is the Joey scout in the middle taking part in a wreath laying ceremony during the parade and service in Mackay.

Christopher is also in the middle. He is a venturer scout. I would love to cut his hair, but he is a teenager and thinks it looks great! The whole family is a scouting family other than Hamish, who is still too little, so he stood with me to watch them all march past.
These beautiful Xanthostemon or Golden Penda trees are used extensively around Mackay as street trees. I am planning to put one in our back garden when the repairs are all finished.

They flower several times a year and attract the birds and insects. The flowers are these gorgeous large pom poms.
The mother of a friend of mine died a few days ago. Clare loves reading so I am sending her this bookmark which I decorated with the flower stitch foot. I love this foot but I need to practise using it much more.
As usual if you click on the photos they should all enlarge. Now I had better go and get some lunch for my hardworking husband.


  1. Some years ago I saw the Anzac war memorial on the slopes above the Dardanelles in Turkey - it was a very moving tribute to those very brave men. It is all such a long time ago.

  2. We must never forget the huge contribution and sacrifice made by troops from Australia and New Zealand during the two world wars. It's very fitting that todays boys and young men, as well as the rest of us, pay homage to them.
    That tree is gorgeous and so is your bookmark - I might have to see if I can get one of those feet for my machine. I love the variations you have achieved with it.

  3. Thank you for including us in the Anzac commemorations.

    Love the tree and the bookmark is a lovely gift.

  4. Robin, great to see the young ones so interested in the ANZAC spirit. Great photographs again as usual. Love the tree, beautiful flowers, and your bookmarks are just wonderful.


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