Thursday, 15 April 2010

Glass cases and eye tests

At long last I have managed to get to my workroom and sew up the lace fabric from the Technique of the Month into this glasses case and some bookmarks. I am very happy with the result as I think the fabric is more robust for handling than the usual chiffon covered fabrics. I think I shall be trying this technique again.
The next class I take should be one to teach me how to keep within my limits - as usual I am so over committed at present I am not catching up with anything! I have had fun taking a camera class to teach us how to make the most of our digital camera. We had to practise taking action pictures for one exercise. Hannah was visiting and was blowing bubbles. Jock thought this was a wonderful game, but the photo below is the only one I could get which was any good - he was far too quick for me, even with all the tips I had been given. This photo looks like he is standing still, but believe me it was only for a split second! We have been taking him to doggie school for the last few weeks, he behaves really well there, sits, stays, comes, drops - and doesn't jump all over everyone. Just a pity he is not doing the same thing at home!
He has been completely stir crazy lately as we have finally got the repairs under way - and when they they started there was no stopping! We had 10 people from four trades here yesterday with Bill and me trying to clear out the greenhouse and garden shed to keep ahead of them - I am exhausted. This has certainly been the catalyst for a giant springclean though - particularly in the garden shed! The junk Bill has kept in there is incredible.

I have finally been back for a scan of my eye and then to the optometrist - who says he can improve my computer glasses anyway, and the script in my dark glasses is one behind the rest so that can be replaced as well - yippee. I will keep having injections in the eye each month, they haven't improved it, but they seem to be preventing it from getting any worse. Do get your macular checked with your eye specialist or optomotrist - it is so important to make sure you will still be able to see.
Thank goodnessthe weather has cooled down a little in the last couple of days. but we have had quite a lot more rain. I finally have a new clothes line after nearly a month and the first day I wanted to hang clothes outside of course the rain came down, so I had to hang them under cover again after all! It seems hard to believe that some parts of Queensland are still in drought, but our state covers a very large area.
The State Government, based in the bottom south east corner of the state, is trying to bring in daylight saving again, and even talking of having a trial just in the south-east corner. I loved daylight saving when we visited Tasmania, but here in the tropics the heat would be unbearable in the late afternoon. Apart from being 1100 km north of Brisbane, we are also a lot further west so the sun sets later anyway. I know there will be a lot of you out there who will say I am mad, that you just love it - my country background is coming to the fore I think.
Having got on my high horse, I am now off to bed!


  1. The bookmarks etc. look fantastic Robin--I don't think you are mad my friend--horses for courses I say.

  2. My word Jock looks handsome, how he has grown. The bookmarks and glasses case are lovely. I do like the technique. I am so glad that, at least, you eyes have not got any worse.

  3. The painted lace gifts are lovely Robin - it makes quite a sturdy surface. Love the pic of Jock. Good news about your eyes - you must be relieved. I must get mine tested again. Don't work too hard.

  4. Robin, the painted lace projects are fantastic. Lovely following your blog, and lucky to have found the opportunity to 'find you' via 3CS. Very interested in your happenings. Cheers.


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