Sunday, 24 January 2010

A wall handing and some very large nuts

I have finally started catching up with some of the free online lessons from Maggie and Carol and Lynda. Somehow, I lost my motivation to do anything much after Christmas, think perhaps because everything was so hectic at the end of last year. Now school is almost due to start again and everyone is coming back to normal routines!
This wall hanging has a background of embellished glass organza in a lovely teal colour laid on top of a shot purple. I loved the end colour.
There has been a temporary fence erected around this tall Bunya Pine tree at the Botanic Gardens to keep anyone from sitting under it.

This is why - these nuts fall off at this time of the year and they each weigh about 2 kilos or even more!

This closeup photo shows you that as well as being very heavy they have very sharp points on them - I would not like to be underneath one of those! The nuts will eventually ripen with a very floury edible nut in each of the segments. They were a favourite food of the aborigines.
We are having a spot of fairly wild weather here at present, strong winds and heavy squalls. We are a long way south of the cyclone in North Queensland, but the forecast is saying gales will extend down here. I am never sure these days if the bureau is being over cautious or it the warning is really necessary. Sometimes the media creates such a beatup over almost nothing! I am glad to see some wind and rain anyway, much more pleasant than the previous muggy heat.


  1. We had a Bunya poine at school, an old one as the school was in a very old house with gardens and there was always a panic at the time that the nuts were due to fall. They really are magnificent, I have two growing but I dont think I will ever see them fruit.
    I agree with the weather bureau, here it is the catastrophic fire warnings that come to nothing. Glad you are having a bit of rain.
    Loved the cleaning of the inside of my computer screen!

  2. Your wall hanging is lovely Robin. I'm ashamed to say I haven't tackled any of the online classes yet, though do intend to when I can get myself motivated. Those pine cones must be about the size of pineapples. I think that around the world weather forecasters are having a rough time. They are criticised for not warning us of storms, etc., then if they don't materialize they're accused of scaremongering. Our weather is so localised sometimes it must be impossible to forecast accurately.


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