Friday, 1 January 2010

The new Imelda Marcos

Well, not really, but I have bought FIVE new pairs of shoes in the last two weeks!!!!!!!!! Can't say they are particularly glamourous, but they fit me and they will take my orthotics. I was getting desperate, my old shoes were falling apart - so much so that when I found the bone lace-ups in Myers I walked out in the new ones and the old ones went in the bin there! Now I just need a new pair of boots before my toe wears through the top of my present pair and my shoe wardrobe will be complete again for anothe few years!

We had a very pleasant jaunt to Buderim, I like staying overnight and taking two days for the journey. These photos below are of the birds which wanted to share our lunch with us - the magpie and the noisy miner were right at my feet, and the Ibis wanted to jump up onto the table almost before we had packed up! They are quite a large bird and were intimidating some young children nearby. We don't ever feed birds in picnic areas for that reason, they become too aggressive.

This photo was taken on the way south when the countryside was looking very parched and droughtstricken. But..................... while we were away the rains came and look what happened. There was not a huge amount of rain, only about 15 mm I think, but the green grass started shooting so quickly.

These photos were taken from the car as we were driving - there had been quite a bad fire through this area in late November, hence the blackened trunks of the trees. Everywhere we saw cattle they all had their heads down enjoying the new shoots.
Now we are almost unpacked and sorted and back to normal(?) I hope to start playing tomorrow - all those Christmas goodies, especially my new sewing machine.
Happy New Year to everyone, may 2010 be a good one.


  1. Happy New Year to you Robin. Lucky you having a new sewing machine. And thank you too for all the wonderful photos you have shared with us through the year.

  2. It's amazing what a difference just a little rain can make. It must be awful to see a burnt out landscape. We get the occasional moorland or commonland fire here in the UK, but nothing on the scale of your devastating bush fires. Those birds are big and I'd think twice about getting too close - best to admire them from a distance.

  3. Great photos Robin, reminds me a bit of that old Hitchcock? film
    My old (c1981) Janome machine is struggling, the bobbin mechanism is seizing up so I will either have to repair or buy a new one.
    I can assure you you are not the only one with a shoe fetish!!!


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