Saturday, 9 January 2010

A very impatient patient

Jock was desexed yesterday and is supposed to wear this megaphone contraption for the next ten days - he is also supposed to stay very quiet and not run and jump!!!!! In the first picture he isstill finding his feet after recovering from the anaesthetic, but once he did..............

there was no holding him. He has learned to bash his way through the doggie door, and along the shrubbery inside the fence - and against our legs when he rushes up to say hullo. Either he will break the contraption or we will remove it soon to save ourselves from further injury.
He does look funny when he is eating or drinking or just picking something up. Last night he had a cane toad trapped inside the megaphone. Fortunately neither he nor the toad seemed to know what to do next so Bill was able to pull him away - cane toads are very poisonous and we often had to hose Jack's mouth out because he had a mouthful of the secretion. Hopefully Jock will have some more sense.

We now have puddles and cooler weather - we have had some glorious rain, still showers around this morning, but the forecast is for it to clear today, so no doubt we will be back to the hot weather. I think that is probably preferable to the extreme temperatures in the northern hemishpere.
Time for lunch, then back to the workroom to see what else I can find.


  1. I love him with his wobbly legs in the first picture. You might be interested in a method I used with my dog many years ago. I made him one of these megaphones in oilskin. Because it was soft he didn't damage me but when he turned round to try to lick the stitches the 'collar moved with him so that he could not get at it.

  2. Hi Robin, we have more snow falling as I type so I am going to mix my dyes and get myself sorted for some dyeing this weekend. Thank you for your good woshes, I think my cough is a little bit better but it's still rattling well. I hope your boy recovers without battering your legs ;o)

  3. Poor old Jock - the indignity of having to wear that contraption! It's impossible to get a young and vigorous dog to stay quiet when all they want to do is rush about and have fun. Maybe now he's had his op. he'll settle down and be a bit more docile.

  4. I dont think I could cope with your humidity, glad you have finally had some rain, we desperately need some here.
    I guess Jock will cope and I hope it is off soon for the sake of your legs.


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