Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I can see my table again

I could not find some skeleton leaves which I know I bought while we were away for Christmas. That was enough to make me decide to bite the bullet and have a huge cleanup and sort out in my workroom!

These photos don't make it look nearly as bad as it really was! I finally persuaded Bill to take the cupboard doors off. He kept saying it would look dreadful, but I kept insisting it is far more practical - and if we do have anyone sleeping in there at times, they will be older than 5 and I won't need to put stuff out of reach. The only thief I need to worry about right now is Jock, who takes anything which falls on the floor, scrounging in the waste paper basket is his favourite occupation.
I realised I need lots more containers to hold stuff so off I went to the discount store. I had previously been to Officeworks who had a stack of drawers advertised in their catalogue sale. Much to my disgust, the shop assistant said the drawers would not be available for at least another ten days. That turned out to be a spot of luck for me, I found a much better set, pictured below, at a much cheaper price, yippee.

Several days later, I now have an almost tidy workroom, with plenty of space on the work table to start creating. I should clean out and tidy my yarns and threads, but I am getting impatient to do something creative, so they will have to wait.
Everything will have to wait till tomorrow, today was another injection day and I have a sore eye tonight. The last few have not bothered me at all and I suppose this is not really too bad. I expect after a good night's sleep it won't feel so scratchy. Another injection next month, then photos of my eye a month later, then hopefull I may be able to get some new glasses - I shall keep hoping anyway.


  1. I think I would love to come and play with you Robin, mine is in a muddle again!
    Oh did I tell you that John says the seeds are still sitting there.

  2. Congratulations on tidying up your workroom, Robin. I've been trying to get sorted out for over a year but, although it's a bit tidier, there's still an awful lot of clutter.

  3. Maybe I'd use your photo as an inspiration how a studio could look like. I've got two tables, somewhere...


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