Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Drum rolling and loud cheering - at last I have finished! The book has taken so much longer than I planned - but then I didn't plan on having so many mistakes to correct.
This is a photo taken after the glue had dried and the book was unclamped - it would not open very far.....grrrrrr. I rang a friend to give me some advice - her suggestion was to cut out the caught bits, then paint the back of the end paper and treat it as an extra leaf - then add an extra piece glued across the centre.

This is how it has ended up - I used 70 gsm lutradur as it is so thin and was going to stamp with black paint, but felt the images were too blurry so used rubons instead - thank goodness for scrapbooking shops.

I have attached the envelope and invitation to us. Nat made all the invitations herself. There is a brad at the top holding 3 pages together and they just swivel out. Bill was horrified it was in a black envelope, but I rather like the effect. Amazingly, you can now buy wedding stamps at no extra cost.

Here is the finished book. I laid out the yarns and tacked them is place with some handstitching, then went over everything with machining to hold it firmly.

I attached the beads and metal hearts to the spine - you can probably see more detail by clicking on any of the images.

Then I made a box to enclose everything. I pasted silver tissue paper over the inside of the box.

For the outside of the box I pasted white tissue paper, which I painted over with black acrylic paint. When it was dry I used a stencil brush and lightly brushed all over with silver rub and buff, then rubbed it down hard with a soft rag. I know this is usually only used to highlight the raised areas but I wanted to put a layer of silver over the black. The ornament to finish it off is a tile made from model magic, painted with black acrylic paint, then highlighted with white. I glued this onto a sparkly fabric square and glued the lot onto the top of the box. I know I hate Spotlight, but there I found a fabulous adhesive - CraftSmart UltraGlue - a superthick highbuilding PVA. The instructions say it can hold materials on a vertical surface and I believe them. For my overseas readers I am sorry I can't tell you much more, but they do have a website

So, here is the book in the finished box! Next time I know what not to do, but I could probably find different things to make mistakes about. I think Nat and Stuart will like the book and I won't tell anybody about the repaired bits!
Now I am off to bed. Hopefully I shall have time to catch up on reading some blogs in the next few days, I feel deprived.


  1. Delightful book - it all looks so well done - I am sure they will be thrilled with it. Can't wait to see your next book now!

  2. Well done Robin - the book is a triumph! You have made it look very 'weddingy' inspite of having to work with black. I'm sure everyone will be impressed as well as the bride and groom. Love the box you made for it too. You won't know what to do with yourself now!!

  3. Congratulations Robin--the book and box are fantastic and I am sure they will both be thrilled with it.The weather is wonderful down here at present let's hope it stays that way for the wedding.

  4. This has turned out to be a huge success Robin and I am sure it will be treasured always.

  5. Looks great Robin, our youngest is getting re married in November but as I will be away for almost all of October cant get something like this done. I am catering instead!

  6. Sensational Robin, and well worth the effort, I'm sure they will love it.

  7. I'm so impressed!! The couple will love the book. What a treasure...

  8. Well done Robin, the finished articles are lovely and they will love them for sure.

  9. Simply beautiful
    Was looking on line for altered book workshops in QLD and found your space full of delightful creative projects. Thanks for sharing a peek into what you have been making.


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