Thursday, 10 September 2009

Good things coming back

Just a very quick post this morning to say thank you so much to all those who have asked about the book. No pictures to show, BUT I am happy to say I am able to save it - whew! I was given some advice by a local artist yesterday who makes books - she was soooooooooo helpful. I just wish I had asked her before I had restitched all the signatures, but never mind, hindsight is a wonderful thing. I have one signature too many for the size of the spine, I had followed the instructions in the book (I thought), but Irene has the same book and says he has not allowed quite enough space.........aaargh!
I shan't tell Stuart and Nat any of this, or the fact that I can see all the bits which are wrong, I have at least learnt that from the past - what seem like glaring mistakes to me other people don't notice as they didn't see the work in progress.

I went for a relaxing walk in the Botanic Gardens yesterday and saw this tree in full flower - absolutely beautiful, with a lovely perfume as well. It is commonly called Fairy Paintbrushes, one of the mimosaceae family, native to this area of Queensland. The tree is about four or five years old, but I have never seen it in flower before, possibly this is its first flowering.

These crinum lilies grow wild in lots of parts of Australia and make a spectacular showing when they are flowering. Unfortunately there is a caterpillar which loves them too and will eat right down into the crown of the lily, killing the plant. Thank goodness the Gardens seem to have eradicated it from there for the time being.
I have gone on for too long, I need to start the day's work.


  1. Both these plants are so beautiful and what a fantastic name - Fairy Paintbrushes. It must have been quite a thrill seeing it flower for the first time.

    You are right not to worry about the mistakes, people who appreciate your work only see the finished item an know the love that has gone into its making.

  2. If this appears twice I am sorry but in a fit of forgetfulness I think I obliterated it!
    Any way about the book no one but you will know that it has mistakes unless you tell them I am sure it will be lovely.
    Love the fairy paintbrushes, I have never seen them before, but then we are not in Queensland at this time of the year.
    Are those the poisonus Crinums? If so how do the caterpillars eat them and not die.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Gloria here, I found your Blog address, love the flowers. Also love the book cover, it looks amazing.


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