Monday, 31 August 2009

The vistas have returned

For much of the year as you drive around Mackay district the picture above is all the outlook you have on either side of the road.

Then along comes this behemoth of a cane harvester and accompanying tractor pulled trailer to load the chopped up billets of cane.

and this is the result! Mackay is situated on alluvial flood plains and consequently is very very flat! the cane grows to a height of about three metres before it is harvested - a one year crop from Mackay north, but up to two years growing in the cooler climate down south. After the cane is harvested, the farmer lets it grow back (called ratooning) up to three or four times before ploughing out and replanting.

I have spent part of the day making these fridge magnets, I saw the magnetic sheets at the craft store when I was looking for bits and pieces for the book, and we often have inquiries for fridge magnets in the souvenir shop at the Gardens. They are fun and so quick to make - I can use up all sorts of bits and pieces left over from other projects - my stash does not seem to have reduced at all though!


  1. I love those fridge magnets Robin - they'll just fly off the shelves. So much space when the canes are cut - I can't imagine where you'd have to be in the UK to see for so far. Perhaps Salisbury Plain or somewhere similar.

  2. Those farming photographs and your commentary are very interesting - have just shown the farmer. Vistas seem huge over there too. Love the fridge magnets.

  3. The fridge magnets are fantastic - the problem I find when using up lots of bits is that 'lots of bits means more lots of bits'!!
    But is is great fun trying to use them up.

  4. Love the fridge magnets Robin-how big are they?

  5. Just amazing how the vista is completely hidden. What a wonderful view now though. The fridge magnets are great.


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