Thursday, 20 August 2009

Walking in the Gardens again

Bill and I finaally had time to go for a walk in the Regional Forests area of the Gardens today. A new path has been laid made from recycled plastic material, very pleasant to walk on and is not supposed to be affected by roots growing under it, or get washed away in the heavy downpours (which is what happened to the decomposed granite pathways previously there). We will watch with interest to see if this stuff really lives up to its reputation - a more natural colour would have been nicer, but this is the only colour available.

The regional forest area of the Gardens was one of the first to be planted and represents the flora from the dry hinterland behind Mackay. There is no irrigation in the area, just the little creek and pond, so the plants have really suffered in the drought years - but that is what would happen in real life I guess. They looked fantastic earlier in the year, but are drying out fast now.

Many of the pathways around the Gardens have had added interest built into them with palm fronds, ferns, seed pods and various other things pressed into the concrete as it was drying. Small children have lots of fun trying to identify what is there.
This is a very peaceful area of the Gardens - there should be water in the ponds - no doubt it will be back in the next wet season.

Lastly here is a photo of the old fashioned eranthemum flowering in my front garden now. The flowers are really a deeper blue than that, but I can't get the colour right. Like many of the plants in my garden, this came from a cutting from a friend and I waited many years before I could identify it properly.
I should have some photos of 'The Book' to show soon. The pages are cut out and are clamped together for the night before I measure across the back of them tomorrow to determine the width of the spine, then I can cut out the cover and start creating. I am looking forward to doing a bit more than testing little pieces - and my halo will fall off soon. I am normally a boots and all person, going straight in and somehow making it work, but I was too nervous to do that this time. Time will tell.


  1. Hi Robin.some great pics and love your practice book well done.

  2. Lovely photos Robin - at least the new path doesn't look like the yellow brick road! Maybe it will weather down a bit in time. I love the impressions in the cement - what a great idea. The gardens are looking beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the book.

  3. The trees are beautiful. Is it your garden that is on Gardening Australia tomorrow night?


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