Thursday, 4 September 2008

Red letter day

Today was one of those wonderful 'feel good days' all day. I'll start with the end because that is what the photos are about. I made this shawl for a friend a while ago from a kit bought from Dale. Shelley and her 15 year old daughter Sam went out last night. Various people complimented Shelley on her shawl and she said a very good friend hadmade it for her. Her daughter was most indignant - you can't tell people that it is home made!!!! Mind you, I know Sam likes it, she wanted me to make her one too at one stage! Teenage kids can't bear to think that their mothers are wearing something a bit different from the norm. I don't care about it being home made, I was very proud of the end result, and so is Shelley.

The morning started well with a farewell morning tea at the Library for a lovely South Sea Islander who has worked there for the past 27 years, and is now moving on to another job. She came straight from school and was so shy you could hardly get boo out of her. Now she is organising large functions and speaking to crowds - there were about 100 people there to say goodbye today. The best thing is that she is moving to a job at the other end of the Botanic Gardens so we will still have lots of contact.
Next I had to rush off to a large toystore to buy a birthday present for my grand daughter who turns 7 next Tuesday. She wanted a Barbie something, and I couldn't remember what. I am completely intimidated by these stores, there is so much I can never find a thing - but not today! I was in and out inside two minutes! I found absolutely the right Barbie present for her, and it was even reduced to half price in a sale.
The absolutely best bit of news today is that our kids have finally secured the contract on the house they want to buy to move into in early October. The owner is a very contrary man who was putting up all sorts of hurdles, but he finally signed the contract this afternoon. The housing market here in Mackay is very tight and there are very few places available for a family with 4 children, and certainly no others in their price range - so we had a couple of nice red wines to celebrate tonight.
We have had a damp day, ending up with about 10mls of rain, not much but a big help in watering our very dry garden. I think it is forecast to clear away overnight unfortunately, but the very dry areas in South east Queensland are getting a whole lot more.
Time for bed, and hoping tomorrow I can get back to the embellisher.


  1. What a gorgeous shawl. Yummy colors.

  2. I am glad the kids have finally got the deal signed Robin.


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