Monday, 22 September 2008

Embellishing and souvenirs

I have finally got around to doing a bit more of Dale's embellishing course, and this notebook cover is one result. I need to replenish the supply of my souvenirs at the Botanic Gardens again so am combining the exercises. I think I have uploaded these pictures out of order, but you will all be able to work it out.
This is an exercise in weaving, and started of with a collection of wool rovings embellished onto scrim, then sliced up and interwoven with a lime green slushie cut into strips. I am quite happy with the result, and cut up a bit of it for the decoration on the book cover.

This is fun, and I will certainly be using that technique a lot more - just running under the embellisher to make texture, nothing complicated, but great effects. I think I will use some ot the silk I dyed a while back to make some handbags after I have given it this treatment.

I didn't realise how popular these little fairy shoes would be. They are fun to make - or most of the time anyway. Sometimes my hand doesn't work properly and I have a few nasty words to say while I am trying to hold the needle! I can't keep the supply up to the Gardens - they sell as fast as I get them there!
Spring has just about passed us by here, the weather has turned very warm, but so far none of the damaging storms which have been happening elsewhere. We have lots of beautiful flowers out everywhere, the hot weather isn't worrying them. Bill has been very busy in our garden digging out a hibiscus hedge which is over 50 years old, and the roots had a very strong hold on the earth! The shrubs were full of some sort of virus which we haven't been able to get rid of, so they are going to be replacedwith 20 sysisgiums (lilypillies) (can't spell the first word properly). They will make a beautiful show in a couple of years, dark green shiny leaves which start off a glorious red colour when they first appear. The flowers are a fluffy yellow, followed by red edible berries which make a super chutney. That will be a few years down the track before we have enough for that though.
Not long now till the Gladstone family arrives up here, settlement day is next Monday. So far they have only seen lots of photos of the property and keep asking us questions. I took about 80 photos, but it is amazing how many seemingly obvious things I seem to have missed! All will be revealed in good time, just adds to the excitement I think!
I need to do a lot more embellishing before the bedroom has to be pulled apart so I had better get back to it.


  1. Well, you've been quite productive. Very nice work as usual, Robin.

  2. What beautiful textiles. Your fairy shoes are delightful, so pretty! I shall be visiting you again.


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