Wednesday, 24 September 2008

More embellishing, more souvenirs

This is a sample from lesson 2 of Dale's embellishing course - I haven't progressed very far have I! It is painted fusible webbing laid down over a selection of threads on a blue felt background, with some copper foil added. I had a feeling that when I had finished with the embellisher it would provide a good base for a couple of glasses cases.

Then I embellished a couple of layers of a silk hanky over the top of it, and was quite thriled with the result. I don't think I will be using this for glassess cases, but I am not quite sure what I shall develop it into yet. I will do my usual trick - pin it on the wall for a few weeks (or sometimes months) till inspiration strikes. I am a dreadful designer, I never really know what I am going to do, it just sort of happens in its own time. One day I will find the time to concentrate on the online journal design course I paid for and learn how to design a project!!!

We have had lots of visitors at the Botanic Gardens over the last few weeks, the weather has been perfect for tourists, and they have been stocking up in the souvenir shop. This is another little trinket box I have made in the last couple of days. The base is made of a whole heap of old embroidery threads which I didn't like sewing with (they kept breaking - cheap ones) so I cut them up onto a layer of Romeo and put another layer on top and sewed them all together. I have had that sitting around for several months waiting for me to decide what to do with it too! I had to show a photo of the lining as that is some of the silk I dyed a while ago.

The weather is really glorious for the school holidays which are in full swing here, our blue heeler Jack is having a wonderful time with the neighbouring children. they spend ages throwing the ball for him to chase, and he never gets tired of it. Troble is Jack also loves chewing the ball and making it a real mess with slobber. One child next door, Coby aged 8, hates it and asks his sister Georgie , aged 4, to pick it up for him - she doesn't give a hoot how messy it is. then coby usually wipes his hands on her shirt! How is that for male fussiness.
Off to make some more bookmarks to sell. More later.


  1. Trinket box is great and I love the colours of the embellished pieces - I'm sure that inspiration for their use won't be long in coming

  2. Your piece of embellishment has a very tropical feel to it, gorgeous.
    Just wondering, is there a pattern somewhere for the little trinket box and the fairy shoes, my 8 year old daughter is a keen stitcher and she would enjoy making both of them.

  3. Beautiful and colourful work Robin


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