Monday, 1 September 2008

More embellishing and some finches

I have at last had a bit of time to play for my embellishing class These pictures are of the front and back when I embellished some slushies onto a flimsy - don't you love the names! I found I had to put some tulle over the top while I was embellishing to be able to move the piece around. I think the flimsy is harderto move because it is so soft. Makes a lovely finished surface though.

Then I cut the whole piece up and wove it back together. This was interesting. I am cheating a bit with the last photo - I have placed all the bits on the woven strip, but haven't yet sewn it on. I wanted a phot to refer to while I am sewing, but I am not sure how soon I will get it done. The buttons are ones my sister has brought back from her travels for me. She collects buttons for me whenever she goes overseas, not sure now what started it, but I have a lovely collection of them waiting to be used. She is about to hed off to Eastern Europe for a month so hopefully she will find some different ones there. I have posted the wrong photo too, the one which has not been lopped, sorry about that, I haven't time to delete it and start again. I haven't worked out how to get a photo back to the bottom if it is the last one uploaded. that is another thing I keep promising myself I will do - take a day to learn how to do this blogging properly with links and side bars day............

At this time of the year our bird feeder is crowded with little chestnut breasted finches, and they are so much fun to watch. They are just like raindrops the way they flutter in, then take off in a cloud when something alarms them. The feeders look like they are just about on the ground, but are really about 6 feet above it. I took the photo out of an upstairs window, looking down at them. Took me ages to get it, they kept flying off. They hide in a creeper we have growing up onto the roof of a nearby verandah, making lots of little soft chirruping noises. I don't know where they go in the middle of summer, none of my bird books say they are migratory, but we only have clouds of them from about July to late November.

September is here already, another edition of Workshop on the Web up today, again with lots of interesting stuff in it. Haven't had time to look at much yet but had to open Linda Monks' article because it looked like one I really want to try.
Time to go to bed, hopefully I will manage to post a bit more often than I have been. See you soon.


  1. Your embellisher sample looks great Robin.
    E-mail me with what you are trying to do re the photos and I will help you.

  2. Lovely work Robin, and lovely photo of the birds

  3. Love the photos of your embellishing Robin. The photo of the birds looks like one of those 'How many ... can you get into a...' competition.


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