Monday, 5 May 2008

Window views

This was the view from our room at Jupiters Casino in Townsville where we stayed last week for the conference we were attending. It was really lovely watching the sun come up in the early mornings.

I didn't manage to do any beading while I was away - not nearly enough light in our room, well, that's my excuse anyway. Never having done much beading, any excuse was better than none to postpone starting!! I had lots of fun though,and among other highlights, a fantastic visit to the aquarium.

This was one of the tanks with live coral in it, as well as lots of little fish. The scientists have managed to replicate the sea conditions so well that the coral spawns each year at the same time the coral out on the Barrier Reef is spawning. Another tank had some sea horses which had only hatched a week earlier, they were about 2cm long and about as thick as a piece of sewing cotton, just fascinating!

This is what I see from my kitchen window as I am doing the washing up. The nodding violets (streptocarpus) are really a much deeper blue, but I can't seem to get the colour right no matter how much I fiddle - that is another 'how to' for this year, learn the ins and outs of my camera and how to edit photos properly!

The next photo is of some cattleya orchids hanging from a tree in our back garden, also visible from my kitchen window. The wind blows them round and round, they look so pretty. I am really not an orchid person, but these just hang there and get no attention whatsoever, not even any fertiliser. That is the sort of orchid I really like!!!

I have just signed up for an on-line course: Sharon Boggon's Studio Journals - a Designer's Workhorse, through I really need to get some prodding to get me designing, but I think I am slightly crazy. The 6 week course starts just as I am going away to a live-in one week forum in Rockhampton to do a course with Jacinta Leishman. That is another first for me too, I am really excited about that. I am sure that somehow I will be able to catch up with the journal, I think I need the pressure of deadlines to keep me on target.

Time for bed, this has taken longer than I thought to post tonight.


  1. My orchid is flowering too but I have just started a new lot of the nodding violets, they dont much like our winter so they come indoors.
    I am doing Dale's embellishing on line course and perhaps Sharon's as well. I need to be motivated or the days go by and not much gets done. A bit of rain here but not enough, it will probably rain all the time we are at Coffin Bay, but I have plenty of stuff to work on while we are there.

  2. Hi Robin--Thanks for posting on my blog and joining my swap. Anything at all you want to send will be great. There aren't any parameters except the garden theme. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Robin, thanks for your posts on my blog :) We will have to jolly each other along on Sharon's course as I will be a week behind too as you know. Your residential forum looks wonderful! Shame I don't live in Australia or I'd be tempted to join in! Enjoy!

  4. I've signed up for Sharon's course and Dale's embellishing one as well-I must be mad but it will be nice to know some of the people doing them as well.


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