Sunday, 25 May 2008

More comparisons in the Gardens

Hooray, I am back again - for the time being anyway. I have still been having endless problems with posting from my computer, all very frustrating and boring.

These are two more photos to show you how much our Gardens have progressed in two years. The first photo was taken in February 2006, just after this section had been constructed. The whole area is representing the formation of coal through the ages and the plants that developed in the corresponding eras - or that is the vision of our landscape architect anyway. I am not sure how many visitors see the connection, but they love the plants!

The second photo I took yesterday. The enclosure has some of our Wollemi pines in it, but they are not really happy in our climate. These wonderful pines were rediscovered in just one location west of Sydney about seven or eight years ago, maybe even ten - time flies - and they have been propogated using tissue culture before being released to the public. Some were sent to botanic gardens in Ireland, and also to other places in Europe. Those are doing much better than nearly all the specimens in Australia, the conditions obviously really suit them better over there. Botanic Gardens are for experimenting, so I guess we will all keep trying to grow things in different locations under different conditions.
I have managed to do some creating over the last week or so, but all for swaps so I can't show anything yet. I think I need to keep getting involved in swaps to keep me on my toes and doing something different. I love looking at all the wonderful things all you other bloggers are making to send around the world.
Time for smoko, so I am off to get the coffee.

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