Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Bookmarks again plus more

I have nearly been going demented for the last couple of weeks trying to post and not being able to post anything. I kept blaming blogger, even went to the extreme of starting a second blog, which only worked for one day before acquiring the same problem as this blog! At that stage, I tried blogging on my husband's machine - worked with no trouble - tried the laptop as well - still worked. By that stage, Bill was convinced there was a major problem with my machine, so many updates and fixes later, here I am back in business!!

I published these photos of bookmarks I have made in the last couple of weeks, but was in such a hurry I didn't say how I had done any of them. The first one in this series is a remnant from another project with disperse dyed panne velvet, covered with painted vliesofix, various threads, covered with a fine chiffon scarf and then stitched over. The next two are painted paper napkins, which have been stamped and sponged and stitched as well. I still have quite a bit of the fabric left for other projects at some later stage.
I have always kept all my offcuts or painted pieces which I didn't like and I am finally learning to keep painting, sponging, spraying till I like the end result.!! The two label on the right are part of the same piece of fabric which I painted about five years ago, much too bright colours. I painted a very light gold wash over the lot, then sprayed with gold moonshadow mists, thrilled with the end result. The misddle one has some tyvek samples stitched on, while I added flowers under chiffon and then stitching on the right one. The left one was a sample from my module 1 in Playways many moons ago.

There was another one I showed in my other blog, but I can't seem to click and drag it to here, so I am not bothering. It was a piece of pink felt which I simply decorated with bits and pieces.

We are having really beautiful weather here after a few drizzly days - we needed the rain so were very glad to get it. Seems hard to believe after the hughe deluge we had earlier in the year, but the countryside is looking very parched again. At least we have had a little bit, not like the poor souls in south-east Queensland who have still missed out completely. They are still on very severe water restrictions, and farmers are saying it is not worthwhile planting crops.

I have several more lovely photos from the Botanic Gardens to show, but will leave that for another day.


  1. Glad it is all sorted out now and I still like the bookmarks.

  2. Pleased you are sorted and back again. This blogging lark can be so frustrating sometimes can't it?
    Wonderful bookmarks - love the top red one.


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