Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Some swaps

These are some things I made to swap with Susan when she was feeling blue. She asked for a garden theme, so I tried some different techniques. I am not too sure about the postcard, it is very different from anything I usually do, but I suppose that is what all this is about, not sticking to the sam old technique all the time. She has received them now, and I hope they cheered her up, she has had more bad luck, a severe bout of food poisoning - ugh!
The bookmark has some interesting flowers stuck onto it, which I bought in a discount store here. I wasn't sure how they would go so only bought one sheet. Of course I loved them when I used them, but the usual story, I went back to buy some more today and they had all gone. That will teach me to have more faith next time and just buy several sheets.

I am keeping all my fingers crossed that this post makes it into print - Bill cleared out all the history (I think that is what he said) on the internet before I started and that seems to let me in - for the time being. Bill is trying to sort out an order for a new computer for him, then his will move to my station, but can't order the configuration he wants - more frustration. Sometimes I think I would rather go back to a much simpler age, but then I would miss all the wonderful friends I am making through blogging. Shame we can't have it both ways.
I had better go and do some major tidying up in my sewing room. I have managed to 'lose' a piece I was working on this afternoon. I know it is in there somewhere, but I have half my stash out on the table and bed and all over the place - I am sure you can all relate to that. Tidying up often means I find something I had forgotten all about, what a thrill.


  1. Some lovely work, know what you mean about workroom mess, I did tidy up before i went on Hols,I think i had Gremlins while i was away as now cannot find anything(lol)

  2. I love the postcard Robin and don't talk to me about loosing things I think the worst thing is when you are looking for something and you think it is a certain colour but it really isnt and when you finally find it -it was there all the time but not in the colour you were looking for--duh.
    Did that make sense,

  3. Love the postcard and the bookmark. Know all about losing things, finally found after 4 days searching a mag I need for the grumpy week end, this weekend!
    We have had a bit of rain but are way behind with our averages. At least the dairy companies are realising we might be important to them if this drought continues, the Murray will take years to get back to so called normal.
    Hope your computer problems get better.


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