Wednesday, 26 March 2008

My back yard

This is a photo of part of our back garden. I have tried without success to publish a photo of the lorikeets feeding in the suspended dishes, but blogger keeps having a hissy fit and won't let me do it. I had the picture there at one point but couldn't publish this one so backed out, then I couldn't put this one up!!! Then I got the sulks and gave up trying for a day!

We often have up to 20 lorikeets feeding in the dishes and on the ground, they are so funny to watch, they love climbing down the wires upside down and often have very noisy disputes. We have a couple of trees in the garden which the parrots love when they are in flower, but they get quite drunk on the nectar, doesn't seem to have any lasting ill effects though.

I haven't posted for a week and have been feeling very guilty - this blogging takes over your life sometimes I think. I really don't have any textiley things to talk about this week, have had no time for creativity, too many other activities happening. The Botanic Garden Friends had a wonderful excursion last Saturday to look at some remnant vegetation near one of the local creeks which runs into the beach. What looks like some pretty useless scrub turns out to have a huge variety of species when you know what you are looking at, and it supports many butterflies and moths, and also lizards etc. We had a very sociable barbecue at the nearby park following the walk.

We are enjoying absolutely glorious early autumn weather, but very strange conditions really. After the wettest February for about 30 years, we have had the driest March for about the same time - wierd.

I am about to go and finish some paper beads I started earlier today, beads are made, just have to add the embossing powder, and once again visit the beading shop! I always need something else to finish what I start! I must admit, this sort of beading is a new experience for me, one of the "learn to do" resolutions for 2008. Should be able to show something in a day or so.

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  1. Very tropical back garden Robin and next time try with the lorikeets.I think one hits the odd button and off goes things when writing up the blog, I quite often lose bits and get really annoyed.Dont forget to hit add another photo each time and another browse button comes down whan adding photos so you end up with several browse buttons not just one.
    I am going to miss my Queensland trip this year.
    Yes the wild woods was a reference to Winnie the pooh, we used to do pooh sticks in the creek when it was in flood too.


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