Saturday, 5 April 2008

Playways exercise

This was an exercise I did for one of my modules in the Playways course which Dale of The Thread Studio runs. I have taken about twenty photos trying to get one without any reflections and this is the best that I can manage. I am very pleased with the framed result, the end of a long saga. I started doing a hand stitching exercise, didn't like the results much, then pinned it on the wall for quite some time, did a bit more, still not happy, so back on the wall. Over several months I kept adding bits till I was reasonably happy, but knew it needed something different. Then I cut a piece of black felt and stitched it round the outside - huge impact. After i received the piece back from Dale, I left it hanging on the wall for several more months before I got around to taking it to be framed. I was due to collect it from the framers a couple of days after THE FLOOD! More drama, the workplace was flooded with two feet of water. Thank goodness, the owner lives nearby and was able to get there and lift all the works in progress, so nothing was lost. They had to reframe everything after the workshop was dried out. They lost all their boards etc and had to get new stock in before they could hope to reframe anything. Some clients ere very impatient, but they would have been even more unhappy with a picture which went mouldy in a year or two!! I was thrilled to collect my work three days ago - now have to wait for my husband to hang it on the wall for me - that may take a while too.

We are still having absolutely magic weather here for the start of the school holidays. Our son Stuart is staying here for a few days with his six year old daughter Hannah - lots of enjoyment for us all. There won't be much textile creating going on for a while - much too nice outside, so gardening instead.

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  1. What a lovely piece Robin and it looks so nice framed as well.


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