Saturday, 8 March 2008

Evening bag

This is an evening bag I made following suggestions from Penny
I am quite pleased with the result. I tore up strips of silk and other fine fabrics, then stitched them down to a black felt base with automatic stitches. I think I will be making a few more of these. Now that I have worked out what I am doing they are quite quick. I will probably sell them throught the gift shop in the Botanic Gardens.

I had a lovely visit from our grand daughter Hannah this afternoon. She is six and loves doing crafty things. She also loves helping her Grandfather in the garden, especially if she can climb up high ladders - her father climbed about two minutes after he learned to walk, so I know where she got her love of heights from!

This is a quick post tonight as once again the dreaded paperwork is lurking. I sometimes think I will resign from the voluntary work I do and just concentrate on me for a change - but then I think how much I enjoy the contact with the other volunteers and I decide against that.


  1. Gorgeous bag Robin---How big is it?

  2. glad to see you are back and you have even worked out how to do a linked contact in your blog I still havent figured that one out! the bag looks great and I love the trinket box, must make some more, if and when i have time.


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