Saturday, 8 March 2008

Back again

At last I am back, hopefully far more frequently, this becomes addictive.

I had just got started when I was overwhelmed with paperwork. I look after the membership lists for a couple of organisations here and with the beginning of the year, I had masses of notices to send out. Much to my horror I discovered that somehow about 50 names seem to have dropped off the group email list. Of course then I had to check everything to make sure I had recovered everyone. Sometimes I hate computers!!!

In the middle of all this I have managed to make a little trinket box to send to a very dear friend of mine who has just turned 70. She is severely crippled with arthritis and was particularly thrilled with this box as she is able to open it. She has very limited use of her hands so that was a wonderful surprise.

The instructions for making the box are found in Quilting Arts Issue 20. I love making these little boxes, they are so quick and easy and everybody always loves them.

The photo isn't marvellous, but I am still having trouble uploading images - I will get there eventually.

At last our weather has improved, there is even a feel of autumn in the air, and best of all, the sun is shining. I am doing a roster in the visitors centre at the Botanic Gardens tomorrow, that always fills me with joy on days like this. The Gardens suffered quite a bit of damage in our recent flood event, but they are looking magnificent despite that, everything is just so green and lush.

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  1. The little trinket box is beautiful Robin and I am glad the weather is improving for you.


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