Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Cyber Fyber ATCs

This is the lovely ATC I received from Susan Lenz at Cyber Fyber, which got me started on this blogging game. I had to learn what to do to put a message on her blog to choose the ATC. I haven't yet worked out how to put in links so you will need to get to her site by devious means. She has done a fantastic job organising all these swaps as well as the exhibition to be held next year.

The first four pictures are the four ATCs I am sending to Susan. I didn't read the instructions properly so I have sent three without any SAEs, but that will be remedied tomorrow when I send the fourth one. I was packing the others too late at night when I wasn't thinking straight - I am not a night owl like so many of the rest of you seem to be.

I haven't found out how to get the text around the pictures yet - more emails going to my friend Doreen soon - and I forgot that the pictures have to be loaded in reverse order. Anyway, I am sure anyone reading this will be able to work it out.

I managed to practise one small drawing this morning, will try to keep doing something every day, I know that is the only way to become confident, but I keep running out of time - two months of the year have gone already.


  1. Your ATC's are beautiful Robin-and the one from Susan looks great too.

  2. welcome to blog land, you look as if you are having fun and the drawing looks fabulous, I wish I had a how to draw stick figure class. i am going to another class in watercolor on Saturday.
    Oh and the embellished bit is done on felt.


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