Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Starting off

Hullo everyone. This is my first blog and it may be my last if I cannot learn a bit more about how to make anything work!! Most of the help clauses could be written in another language, but I hope to have more time in the next couple of days to understand how to insert photos and sort something out. At least I shall be able to leave comments on friends' blogs when I want to, but having got this far, I can't wimp out and not have something useful and interesting to contribute. More another day.


  1. Hi!
    I'm honored to be leaving your very first comment. I'm also thrilled to be trading with you! This blog is now linked to our trade with CYBER FYBER!

    Now, and this is important, don't worry about most of the complicated issues of blogging. It takes time. My first blog was with Blogstream which really isn't set up for lots of imaging activity. I wrote. I wrote and wrote for about five months. I didn't have many people reading and rarely was there ever a comment. I just wrote.

    Later, I started reading other blogs, making comments, learning more about the system. Later, I got a blog on Blogspot and started posting pictures. It was a gradual process.

    The most important thing, however, was the writing. It is in this exercise that I found I could best focus on my artwork, the concepts behind each piece, the influences of others, and reflect on the process of making art. The writing makes me a better artist. So don't worry about the "bells and whistles", just write and take it easy. Everything about blogging will fall into place when it is meant to happen. For now, you're on the right direction! Just keep it up!

    Thank you for supporting CYBER FYBER! Spread the word!

  2. Blogging is the most fun and it didn't take you long to figure out all the things you needed to know! I've found that it has changed my life since I began blogging. I've made so many new friends (Doreen sent me over here) from all over the world! I just love it.


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