Sunday, 24 February 2008

Learn to draw workshop

I have had so much fun this weekend, not sure that I am really very proficient at drawing, but here is one I did using water soluble coloured pencils. I had fun with a collage later, but that is not quite finished yet, so watch this space! There were ten of us there for the course, our tutor was very kind and said we were all doing excellent work. I really want to use my drawing in my textile work. I inspired several others to look up Dale's website to check on Playways on the Net. I had offcuts of mine in there which I used in my collage - maybe there will at last be some other like minded spirits in Mackay. Then we can meet occasionally to inspire each other. Won't that be good.


  1. Congrats. on figuring out the blog thing--and at least you can draw something.

  2. Hi!
    You definitely can draw! Thanks for figuring this "blog thing" out too! It gets easier and easier...and more and more fun. Thanks for figuring out the ATC envelopes too. Everything is going to work out perfectly. I have faith!

  3. My personal opinion is you can draw! That's a lovely vase/pitcher with the leaves and flower. You have good color and depth.


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