Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year

Well, Christmas is done and dusted and today is the start of a new year.  I must admit we were tucked up in bed and fast asleep when the clock chimed twelve. We have not seen the new Year in for many a long year now, but we are happy for all those who do go off to parties.

 This lovely allamanda is a volunteer which jumped the fence from next door several years ago, and thank heavens it did.  The house changed hands and the new owners took a backhoe to the entire yard, levelling everything - and removing the top couple of inches of topsoil!    Then they paid 'landscapers' to lay turf and plant some cordylines around the fenceline - all very boring.

 We have had an exceptionally dry start to spring/summer and that was just what my Euodia tree wanted.  It is smothered in flowers, which the birds are loving.

This photo is deceptively large.  It is a lovely little ground orchid from far north Queensland which I have just been given - a spathoglottis.  I hope I don't manage to kill it as I think it is very pretty, and is not one of those orchids which look quite ugly when not blooming!
We  have had  about 40 ml rain which has made the  days much pleasanter and has filled our tank again.  Thank goodness the rain has been falling also in western Queensland in places which have not seen rain for over twelve months - not drought breaking yet, but a good start.
I certainly hope the new Year brings you all the weather you want as well as good health and happiness.


  1. Beautiful, fancy leveling all that loveliness! Christmas in the Gardens sounded good, too.

  2. What beautiful flowers to welcome the New Year. Our flowers don't know it's winter, well we haven't had any winter yet so I can't blame them. All sorts of things are coming into bloom two or three months early. We have had far too much rain and there will be so much work to do in the garden when the soil dries out enough to be worked on. Hope you get more rain and that the awful bush fires in other parts of Australia can be controlled. Keep safe and well.

  3. Thank you Robin, we are still dry although down here it is cooler thank goodness. We have run out of water in one tank and are watching the others, a bit of rain would be lovely. Have been watching the rain band to the north, lovely that some drought struck areas are getting rain.

  4. Your garden is looking lovely. Pity your neighbours have such poor taste. Happy New Year.


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