Sunday, 17 January 2016

Windows 10 and Rain!!!

Bill has just upgraded my computer to Windows 10 and I am thrilled.  The fonts are so much easier for me to read in my Magic software.  Previously  I was looking at broken, very fine lined fonts, much harder to distinguish.

This is a slightly out of focus photo of a lovely ginger which has just come into flower.  I have shown it while I am experimenting with how everything works in Windows 10 - so far all good.

The really big news is that we have RAIN - 70 ml so far today and still going.  Our total rainfall for 2015 was only 48%  of our annual average so we have plenty to make up.  The rain has also cooled the temperature down to being very pleasant, after some very hot, very muggy days.
I was hoping to go out into the garden this afternoon, but I am very happy to find some indoor tasks and listen to the rain....or perhaps I may just listen to a book.


  1. Wonderful about the rain, still none here. We haven't updated, I think we need more modern computers which we can't afford!!

  2. So pleased you have rain - it sounds lovely when you have waited so long for it! Glad Windows 10 is helping you. I have heard several say that they can't get used to it. Love the ginger flower - it's so unusual.

  3. So glad to hear about your positive experience with Windows 10 and also to know that the rain is finally with you.


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