Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas in the Gardens

 Well another year has passed and we have had another  fantastic event!
 Lots of people started arriving very early to make sure they got the spot they wanted
The children had a lovely time dancing to the music in a designated area in the front of the crowd.
The weather was perfect - a light breeze blowing and the showers stayed away till well after everyone had gone home.  We had about 500 people there and we are hoping we can hold the event in the same place next year. We have a new curator in the Gardens who thinks we should move to another part of the Gardens which would be in blazing sun for the first part of the evening and there are not the facilities there yet which we would need.  No doubt we will sort it out in the new Year, but it is a bit of a worry.
At last I have made the first Christmas cake, and I am about to cut up the fruit for the next one.  I am so far behind this year I will be in a panic to get everything done in time. We are staying here this year and  spending the day with our family- that way they can have the mess and we can come home for a snooze!
Hopefully the weather will be kind to us - it is fearfully hot and sticky at present.  I remember one Christmas though when we were thrilled to have the rain start about 11am on Christmas morning, cooling everything down so we had an appetite for our dinner.  We were not nearly so thrilled when it continued to rain almost continuously till the end of January, by which time we had had over 100 inches  and were very, very waterlogged.  I know we need drought breaking rain, but definitely not a repeat of that!
I probably won't get around to posting again before Christmas, somehow I don't seem to find very many interesting things to write about these days.
I hope you  all have a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year.


  1. Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year to you both.

  2. Lovely to hear from you again and so glad your event was well attended. It must have been lovely. I too find it hard to come up with anything of interest and my posts are getting further apart. I heartily approve of your decision to leave the Christmas mess and go home for a snooze! Enjoy yourselves.

  3. Nice to read a blot from you again Robin. I do hope you too have a lovely Christmas - and all the best wishes for 2016 too.
    The best secret of Yorkshire puds in to have the oven as hot as possible and to get the fat in the tin/tins absolutely sizzling hot before you pour the mixture in.
    What is Yorkshire you ask. Yorkshire is just one of the counties of the UK - as it happens the largest county. As far as the Ridings are concerned - because the county is so large I think it was divided into districts, called Ridings, for administration purposes.

  4. Sorry Robin. My finger hit the wrong key - obviously I meant blog not blot!

  5. I'm so glad the event was well supported and I'm sure that you'll manage to sort out next year's location issue. Hope you've had a lovely Christmas


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