Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Flowers and birds

This is a quick visit today.

 Click on the photos to enlarge them.  I showed this walking iris last year, when it was smaller.  It propagates from the flowers at the end of the fronds, which droop down to the ground as the flower fades.
 the flowers are really lovely, but unfortunately only last a day.  The plant is in a part of the garden which I don't necessarily see each day so I have to remember to visit each morning.  A couple of the fronds are hanging over the edge of the garden in mid-air so I am waiting curiously to see if a new plant develops even if the frond is not touching the soil.
 I stupidly forgot to take my camera with me yesterday when Jock and I went for a walk in the Gardens, so this was taken on my phone - I only had my dark glasses as well and I can't see the phone properly through those because of my macular degeneration.  Somehow I managed to get  some sort of a photo of all the birds - and our leafless trees in the background.  here in the tropics, the trees often lose all their leaves in early spring, then very quickly sprout a new crop.

Do pop over to Penny's blog to have a look.  She has a giveaway on offer for one of her cute dolls she has made.  You still have a week or so to leave a comment.

Now I had better go and do some watering.  Unfortunately spring seems to have passed us by - we have gone straight into a hot, windy spell and we have had no useful rain since mid May.  Everything is parched.


  1. I love that Iris and wouldn't mind if it walked through my garden. The leafless trees look almost English. Hope you get some rain soon and thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  2. I love the idea of a walking iris Robin. I suppose you could put a flower pot full of soil under that drooping frond.

  3. Your garden is always a delight to visit. I have never heard of a walking iris it sounds really interesting.

  4. lovely pics here & in your previous posts. Love what you did with the 'awful' fabric, quite a transformation. Nothing like a few added layers ;)


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