Saturday, 5 October 2013

Time has got away again!

The days are flashing by at present - less than two weeks to go before we are off on a trip to New Zealand for three lovely weeks.  There is something about holidays and my husband - he is now sporting a moon boot, having torn his Achilles tendon climbing down from a very high trestle - he still thinks it is okay to get up on the roof and prune vines etc.  At least it is his left leg so does not affect his driving.  Walking in national parks may be a different story however!

About a year ago I showed you this photo of my donkey's tail sedum.  I had no idea it flowers - I have had it for about 15 years.

 Look what has come out in the last few days.  They are only tiny and of course are all at the back of the basket to make them difficult to photograph, but they are so pretty and delicate.

 Today I spent many hours with the Botanic Gardens Friends manning a stall at an Eco-Festival run by the Council - who own our Botanic Gardens.  The festival was combined with another event and included the River to Reef bike ride.  I was really trying to take photos of the building in the background which has been 'wrapped' in knitted patches for the weekend.  Later they will all be taken down and made into lap quilts to donate to a local charity.  They certainly brighten up the building, a very old warehouse, now turned into an art natural therapies centre.
 I wish I had arrived a few minutes earlier when one of the legs of the bike race finished.  One of our Garden Friends and his wife had competed on a Penny Farthing bicycle.  I think they did the 30 km run, I would love to have seen that.
This is one of the home built rafts taking part in the river race.  They were frantically trying to steer the raft in close to the river bank without actually ramming it.  I think there were about 8 home made craft in the  event, but they were so spaced out I couldn't wait for the rest to arrive.  The finale is a great water and flour bombing event - and you don't want to be too close as a spectator either!  The sun was out, the day was hot and they were all enjoying themselves.


  1. Fantastic flowers on that donkey tail. Lucky you going to NZ, just hope Bob's leg gets better, how is your knee? Finally I think mine is coming good.

  2. love your succulents Robin, you have very green fingers. What a great day out at the botanic gardens it looked like fun.

  3. They may be small flowers but they do look like they were worth the wait. Looks like you had a lot of fun in your previous post too.
    Hope that the injured driver recovers soon.


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