Sunday, 15 September 2013

At last a little stitching

This blog has been bereft of any stitching for quite a long time as I haven't done any.  At last I have made an effort and have a  few pieces to show.

 I started with this very ugly piece of cotton fabric which I have had for some considerable time - I can't imagine why I hadn't thrown it out it looks so awful.
 Then I transformed it to this
 and then into these!  I am happy with the result now.
 This is painted vleisoflex on stretchy velvet - quite a favourite way of changing fabric for me.
 It ended up looking like this - again I am happy,  The bookmark with the green stitching will have a tassel added as it will be a birthday present for my next door neighbour, a widow, who turns 90 on Thursday.  She is amazing, she lives on her own, does all her own housework, and if we don't catch her, will even climb a ladder to clean out her gutters!! 
We have had some pretty hot days during the last week and the pots have suddenly burst into bloom.
 my Columnea, which is over 40 years old and looking as good as ever
and the Nodding violet is going gangbusters.  now I had better go and fertilize some of the other plants


  1. I love your new header photo - so tranquil. Your hanging baskets are beautiful - you must have green fingers as well as nimble ones. Love the fabric transformations and your neighbour is an example to us all. Hope I'm as active when I reach 90.

  2. Good job you did keep that piece of cotton then Robin because really those pieces are lovely. Like Heather I am hoping I am as good as that at ninety.

  3. Who says you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear - you have transformed that cloth. I really like your work with the velvet too.

    Great to see your hanging baskets doing so well. I've just taken mine down.

  4. The quote about silk purses and sows' ears certainly relates to what you did with that fabric Robin. I love you hanging baskets I was never allowed to have them in case himself hit his head on them?????


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