Thursday, 25 April 2013

Third time lucky - in a way

Today is Anzac Day, when we have remembrance services all over Australia to honour our servicemen who served and died in the many wars over the last century.  The crowds are getting larger every year, with school children learning more about what our diggers achieved.  My grandchildren march with their schools and one son with the scouts.  Unfortunately I can't stand for two hours so I no longer attend the services, but the major ones are televised so I can still participate.

I have been trying to post these pictures for the last couple of days but blogger - or my mouse - has not been co-operating.  At least I have got some up today, but not necessarily in the right order.

 This was the view from our bedroom window, looking over the marina.

 This is on magnetic Island, the very old wooden jetty at Horseshoe Bay.  It is over a century old and the only wooden one left, they rot away in the  tropics, so have been replaced with concrete or steel.

 I loved all the craggy granite boulders standing out all over the island.

 After our three hour excursion we were treated to lunch - very hard to take!

 These desserts were served at the conference dinner.  they tasted nice, but I have included a photo of the menu with its very pretentious descriptions of the food.  I sometimes wonder how long it takes to dream up these incredible descriptions.  None of us could decide what 'financier' meant!
I can't scroll down below the photo so this is it.


  1. Lovely pics of your trip & oh those koalas! My boy is on Magnetic Island as we speak, doing a diving course ;)

  2. I was amazed and very moved when I learned just how many young men from Australia and New Zealand volunteered to come to Britain's aid in the two World Wars. They suffered very heavy losses too and we remember them with gratitude.
    Love the photos from your trip and that lunch definitely has the Wow factor!

  3. Pretentious the menu might be but by golly that food looks good!

  4. Remembering the sacrifices so many made for our freedoms today. Lest We Forget.
    Can you tell me why it's called Anzac Day? We call ours Remembrance Day in Canada, and I've heard it called Veteran's Day elsewhere.
    Lovely pics of your holiday, and the food looks amazing. I think they feel they have to tart it up to make it sound fancy so it feels even more special. I think it gets the saliva going--it certainly worked on me! lol

  5. What lovely photos and that food looks really nice


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