Tuesday, 30 April 2013

More photos of Eungella rainforest

This post has lots of photos so go away now if you don't want to see them

 A tiny flower on the forest floor
 A wonderful crows nest fern
 The path was very narrow - fun when two walkers came from the other direction and had to squeeze past!
 A rainforest giant, I think a Mackay tulip oak
 One of the colourful leaves which has dropped to the forest floor - leaves provide much more colour than flowers in a rainforest

A climbing fern, I think called Jointed Fern
 Some interesting fungi
 These are even more interesting
 Looking up!
 Very different fungi, with a closeup below - I have never seen this type before

 Umbrella fern
Not sure what this is from, but the new leaf is such a vibrant red.

All in all, a lovely day.


  1. Beautiful photos Robin. I love fungi, but I am a bit odd! I would have loved to be on that walk through the forest.

  2. Don't want to see those exquisite photographs Robin - can't think anyone would be like that - they are superb. I just wonder about creepy crawlies in all that foliage which seems to be so close to your legs. Sorry to put the damper on it because the flowers/trees etc. are so beautiful but if there is a bug of any kind within a mile it will home in on me.

  3. Fascinating. I particularly like the fungi and the red fern

  4. They are beautiful pictures, you must have a good eye for photography

  5. Lovely photos of the rainforest. Thank you for letting me tag along..... ;-)


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