Sunday, 14 April 2013

Home again and off again

This is a very brief check-in just to say I have not forgotten you all; I am feeling very deprived as I have had almost no time to catch up on all my favourite blogs.  I came home last Sunday, my sister's surgery was very successful and she now has two shoulders level with each other.  The sling should come off next week, but no driving for another couple of weeks yet.
I couldn't believe the amount of paperwork I had to catch up on for the business after just two weeks, that, along with appointments every day and a mass of notices to send out for the Botanic Gardens Friends, has kept me on the hop all week.

We are off again tomorrow morning, Bill too this time, driving to Townsville for a sugar technologists conference.  Thankfully the sun has come out today, after a horror couple of weeks of incessant rain.  So far this year we have had 1550 mm rain, just 50 ml short of our annual average.  I suppose we have been lucky as we have not had any major flooding because of it, but some sunshine will be more than welcome.

Just a couple of photos for you - Alexander turned 10 on Thursday, so of course we had to help him celebrate.
This is not a very clear photo, but I only had my phone with me, it was a very grey day, drizzling very lightly, and I was taking some papers to the accountant.  This helmeted friar bird was so close I could almost touch it, calling away and having a lovely time in the flower spike of an agave plant.  If you click to enlarge you will see it better.
Back next weekend and should have some good photos as we are going to Magnetic Island with fine weather predicted!  No chance to get into my workroom for any creative stuff, hopefully in a couple of weeks.


  1. I love that bird - what a majestic stance on the top of the tree - he looks as though he is afraid of nobody.
    Enjoy your trip and I look forward to your photos.

  2. That's a very handsome bird. Lovely picture of your grandsons. You sound even busier than I have been lately - hope you get a chance to relax a bit on your trip. Looking forward to more lovely photos.

  3. Glad your sister' operation was successful. You sound as if you have been really busy but I'm glad you had time to celebrate. What amazing trees you have over there.


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