Sunday, 10 March 2013

Then and Now event

We are not happy - again.  Our internet was down from early Friday night till this morning.  At least this time the phone line did not vanish and Bill was able to ring our provided late on Friday night only to discover that the problem was in the Telstra exchange - in fact lots of Telstra exchanges.....grrrr.  He has now filed another complaint with the company but I don't imagine anything will come of it.

Yesterday we had a very successful Friends event at the Botanic Gardens - a walk and talk 'Then and Now'.  The weather behaved and the rain held off till we were all under cover enjoying a BBQ.

 While I was listening to the commentary, I took the opportunity to take a few snaps of other things,  This huge Bunya pine has a barricade around the base till the last two nuts have dropped.  The picture (in the wrong place) shows a couple of nuts which dropped two years ago, the ones this year are much bigger and will continue to get bigger as the tree matures.  They weigh over two kilos and fall from a great height so would do a pile of damage if you happened to be underneath.
 This magnificent rooster has taken up residence in the Gardens - he has been there since just after Christmas, not hurting anyone, very friendly till he looks like being caught then he is off like greased lightning!  We assume he was dumped, but maybe he just escaped to a better place.
 Bunya nuts which are immature.
 I love this little gate leading to a gravel path leading nowhere in the Heritage Garden.  It represents a gate to the garden of Rawson's Hollow, which belonged to the Finch Hatton family, one of Mackay's pioneers.

These crinum lilies are flowering in front of a representation of the fernery at Rawson's Hollow.  They are flowering all over Mackay at present, they are one of the most popular species for street planting and are looking marvellous.
Today was a glorious sunny day, just the sort to make you feel really glad to be alive.  One cyclone has formed and then gone heading off to the east of us thank goodness, but there is the threat of another forming in the Gulf of Carpentaria later this week, which could make life interesting.


  1. Lovely photos in this and the last post. The rooster is a very handsome chap. I definitely wouldn't want one of those bunya nuts falling on my head!

  2. Hope you get your internet problem sorted soon. Lovely pics as always. No wonder you have to fence off that pine tree - you'd have to issue visitors with hard hats otherwise! Love the rooster - his colouring is beautiful.

  3. Sorry about the internet problem - it is so frustrating isn't it?
    Love the rooster. Can't you get him a couple of hens to keep him company - that would calm him down and produce an odd egg now and again too.

  4. That's a handsome rooster! Our internet woes seem to be all fixed, so I hope you have the same result. It can be so frustrating when things don't work, but at least you still had your phone working. I wouldn't want to stand under that tree too long, either.

  5. Love that rooster,he is magnificent. We have been watching your weather with interest, here we are very hot about 37 degres and humid wtih it.Awful.
    When I was at school we had a huge bunya pine which had huge nuts which fell and I dont remember it being blocked off! I suppose we were just lucky none fell on us!
    Very frustrating when the net doesnt work, happens here intermittently.

  6. All your photos are lovely....I'm so envious! I especially like the one with the gate; I just want to walk through there.....


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