Saturday, 2 March 2013

More 'Then and Now' photos

Finally I have been walking in the Botanic Gardens with my camera so I thought I would show another couple of photos of contrasts.

 This photo was taken in March 2006 when the second stage planting was only just commencing
 and this is the same spot with the camera angled slightly more to the left a couple of days ago.
 I had walked through the shelter and out onto a boardwalk to take this photo, again in March 2006
This is taken from almost exactly  the same spot this week.  The water level in the lagoon is much higher after all the rain we have had.  I actually couldn't walk any further out on the boardwalk - my foot was almost in the water covering it!
What was originally a very hot part of the Gardens is now a very relaxing shady walking area.  Just at the moment the lagoon is relatively clear of weed, but the hot, humid weather will make it grow rapidly.  I wish we could get the people upstream of the Gardens to clean out their part of the lagoon - we clean up ours, but every time there is a flush of water, the weeds all appear again. 
I have not been walking much for quite a while, I just couldn't cope when we had the very hot, very humid weather, and since then we have had many days with heavy showers when i want to walk.  I know I am a squib, but light rain is one thing, heavy rain is quite another - and I only have one comfortable pair of sneakers which I need to wear all the time.  that is my excuse anyway.  I also have a sook of a dog who hates getting his feet wet.  He is so funny to watch when he needs to go over the wet grass, he almost goose steps.  Just as well he ended up with us and not with a farmer who wanted a working dog!


  1. The new lush growth looks as if it has been there forever and not just 6 or 7 years. The Gardens must be beautiful to walk in.
    I have awkward feet and legs too, and can't wear boots so am confined in bad weather.
    We had dogs who loved water and we couldn't keep them out of it if they were off the lead. They can be such individuals.

  2. How interesting Robin to see 'before' and 'after' photographs. I wonder if the planners of the garden had sketches of how it might look 'after' and if so, how they match up.


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