Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Gelli plate play

I couldn't resist the temptation finally to purchase a gelli plate from Dale at The Thread Studio, and I have been having some fun with printing. I think you will need to click to make the images larger to see the patterns properly.  The lovely sheen from the Opulence paints is not showing up very well in the photos either, but I have no time to take any more.  I have used various different fabrics - no paper.

 These pieces will go to make another little padfolio I think

 I can't separate the last three photos, but I made marks with different things, including a small cocktail whisk - I will be doing that again, I love the effect.
The two photos below are an exercise from Lynda Monk's latest book Exploring Creative Surfaces.  The photos are loaded the wrong way - the back of the piece is first.  I actually like it better than the front, I think.

 This was an exercise using Lutradur and bondaweb and foils, then zapping, more good fun.

I will probably not get to work on these pieces for a few weeks now.  The rest of this week is filled with appointments - they are the bane of my life these days.  then we (hopefully)  have a planting bee at the Botanic Gardens on Saturday, provided the weather co-operates.  There is an ex-cyclone, now a low, hanging around off the coast trying to make up its mind what it is going to do.  So far we have had a day of gale force winds, then today has been very cool and drizzly - only about 10 ml rain, but very wetting.

I am going to Buderim next Tuesday to look after my sister who has just had a very successful shoulder replacement.  She has had a bad time for the last two years with a fracture which had not healed properly so we are thrilled she now has two shoulders the same height.  I am fascinated that the shoulder has been put in backwards.  Apparently she will have better movement of the shoulder because of this.  Because she can walk around without any pain, we will still be able to go out for walks etc, so will enjoy ourselves.


  1. Your poor sister - she must have endured so much pain. I'm so pleased her surgery has been successful and your visit will aid her recovery.
    I love your Gelli plate prints and know you will make lovely things with them when time allows. I'm sure I will weaken and buy some myself even though I haven't the time to do what I should be doing, let alone anything new.
    I will have so much catching up to do when the house is straight again - no time to play with ideas from Lynda Monk's book or the free lessons I've downloaded. Never mind, everything comes to those who wait!!

  2. We have been watching that low, a very wild night here last night fires started by lightening too but not too close to us.
    ove the gelli plate fabrics, must do dome more. Sounds as if you will have lots of walks with your sister, glad her op sounds as if it as worked.

  3. Oooh, gelli plate fun! I want to get one, but it will have to wait for a while---my budget is busted. Hope your sister heals quickly.

  4. Your experiments with the gelli plate and ideas from Lynda Monks book look wonderful. I haven't yet played with my gelli plates but will get to them sometime.


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