Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Not much happening

This is the November page I received from Helga in Germany.  If you click on it you will see the embroidered cat 'Paul' which belongs to her neighbour.

She also sent me this postcard with the explanation of the page on the back of it.  Both very nice.

My November page had to be about a Van Gogh landscape, which I needlefelted, using both the embellisher and a hand needle.  You can see the picture I was trying to depict in the photo below! 
There has not been a lot of activity around here lately.  I seem to have spent my time going to doctors trying to get my legs to work properly!  Shall just have to put up with everything for a while, the soonest I can get in to see the next specialist is mid February.  Christmas activities are going to be minimal this year I suspect - too hard to walk far, so everyone will get gift vouchers to spend on what they want.  Actually the older grandchildren will get cash in the hand - they like that better than anything as they are always saving for some project.  I remember when our boys were small they used to spend half the year working out what they were going to buy with the money they knew they would get from their grandparents at Christmas - the priorities changed frequently, but they had months of fun planning!
We actually have a bit of cloud cover today and managed 2 mm rain!  This October/November had been so dry and with strong northerly winds blowing the garden is desperately dry.  At least we can water and save plants - the hinterland has quite a few bushfires burning, some lit deliberately.  That is so awful for the landholders trying to keep fodder for their stock.
Now I am off to my workroom to see what inspiration I can drum up.


  1. Robyn, the pages are lovely. I think your needlefelting turned out really well.

    Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with your knees. Just take it easy if you can.

    My grandchildren also appreciate money although I find it hard to do.

  2. Helga's page is delightful with her little topsy-turvy houses, and I love your version of Van Gogh's landscape. Not easy to do on such a small scale.
    Do hope your pain is manageable and won't spoil Christmas for you. We give money to our family - can't keep pace with current trends!

  3. Great pages Robin.
    It is funny but Ebony wants money for Christmas this year as well.

  4. I have been wondering how the knee was. I know how horrid it is when you are in pain. Hope you get some rain, we are dry too.

  5. Your pages are all lovely Robin, but then they always are. I particularly like your needle felted Van Gogh, which looks very much like the 'original' - an excellent interpretation.

    So sorry about the ongoing issues you are having at the moment, and hope the New Year will see some relief come your way.

    Our lot always like the 'cash', and did lots of planning as well. They always had poddy calves to sell, which helped them get things they wanted. We are all just that tad too fussy these days, and vouchers/money is probably the safest option all round. Cheers.

  6. Your depiction of the Van Gogh is very good and so like the real painting.Hope the pain in your knees begins to ease soon.
    Did you see the programme recently on Paw Paw Micks arthritis cream. This is the address of his website and if you google it you get the today tonight programme with more info.

    You never know this might help.

  7. Your embellished page is so effective. Sorry to hear about the time that you have to wait to see the specialist. What mindless idiots they are who deliberately start those fires.

  8. Pain of any kind is a bore, isn't it? We just have to hobble about, despite it! Give yourself time, tho & I hope the specialist can give you relief. Lovely pages!


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