Friday, 27 March 2009

Of rust and our Gardens

I posted photos some time ago ofthe rust experients using steel wool and vinegar. this is one of the pieces I dyed - part of an old sheet. I have made it up into a glasses case - and that will be the end of my rust experiments!!! I had planned to do quite a bit more stitching, but my machine and rusted fabric do not go together one bit. The couching was not too bad, but when I went to add the stitching around it, the thread broke and broke.......and kept right on breaking. I was determined not to let it beat me so I perservered, changed threads, changed the needle, cleaned the machine, sprayed with silicone, and eventually I must have held my tongue the right way and got it done. The girls at the Botanic Gardens all liked it so I hope it sells quickly and I don't have to think about my frustrations whenever I go there.
Here are some more contrasting photos to show you the development of our Gardens - the photo above was taken in July 2003, and the one below was taken this morning. I had a printed copy of the early one with me to try to get the same aspect. This is a lovely part of the Gardens - the lawn you can see in the background is one of the most popular locations for weddings.

This photo below I have in the wrong order and I can't change it, but never mind. This is what happens when we have rain - the gutters are designed to make a waterfall into the water feature below. It looks very spectacular!

This photo is of the same area in 2003, looking extremely bare.

Here it is today. The tree with the dead looking branches is not dead, nor is it deciduous - it regularly gets chewed to bits with caterpillars, which then pupate and change into moths, with no apparent ill effect on the tree, except that it looks pretty sad for a month or so.


  1. Gorgeous photos as usual Robin. Isn't it lovely to have a before and after record. Interesting to hear about the problems with the rust dyed fabric although it has become a fabulous piece.

  2. awesome Robin, love that eyeglass case! What a beautiful garden(s), wish we could do more here, but our climate does not support a lot of beautiful plants. They either freeze or in the summer get burned up by hot dry wind. So I am enjoying your beautiful pictures and dream of our garden here being just like
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Lovely photos Robin
    and a great case well done
    Have a great weekend

  4. Love that smart little spectacles case. You should have a gold star for persevering. I haven't done anything with my rust experiments yet - you put me to shame. Those before and after photos are amazing. The gardens are so lush and beautiful now, almost beyond recognition. I am not surprised they are popular for weddings.

  5. It might have been very frustrating but it is a great result Robin!

  6. Shame we didnt get up to see you but we had enough adventures as it was!
    Love the glasses case but I agree in your climate rust and vinegar and sewing machines probably dont go together. It looks spectacular though.
    Your before and now photos are great. Shame we live so far away.
    Still no rain to speak of here, although some how some where we managed our average for March but we are over 2 inches down for all the other months and it looks very sad here. The next worry will be freezing cold nights and frost.

  7. It's me again - thanks for visiting my blog Robin. I hate all the disruption of redecorating too but it will be so worthwhile. It's quite amazing how a lick of paint can transform a room, and such luxury not to have to do it oneself. There are some advantages to getting older!!


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