Sunday, 1 March 2009

Brown paper and other things

The latest exercises I have been doing for Ratty Tatty Papers have used brown paper. I love using this, I usually have a sheet on hand for using up the last of whatever paint I am using at the time. Sometimes I crumple it first, sometimes not. This one was crumpled first and has a lot of gold Jo Sonja paint, also some Lumiere blue halo gold - another favourite of mine. I added a wash of turquoise dye, but sasn't happy so washed again with walnut ink.
I fused some painted vliesofix to the paper. I am not so happy with this, the roll of vliesofix is new and I find I can't separate the backing paper from the webbing before I iron it on which is what I usually do. I've had the painted paper for a couple of weeks and I can't remember what I used, but I think it was a mixture of acrylics and dynaflow.

I am happy with the fabric prepared for stitching. Cut up threads and punched paper flowers scattered around and fused under a red chiffon scarf.

This is what I ended up with. I need these for extra souvenirs, while strictly speaking they are not botanical, at least they have some flower shapes on them! Customers like them anyway as they all get sold.
I subscribe to Workshop on the Web and I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened it up today - the first article was all about rusting!! There have been so many discussions on rusting on the various online courses I am part of. I shall have to find an old sheet I can cut up and keep experimenting with!
For a change of topic I thought I would show you what I see from my kitchen window. I never tire of our back garden, it is always beautifully cool in summer, and the tree loses its leaves in winter (or what we call winter!) so there is more sunlight then. We love watching the birds when we are having our morning or afternoon cuppa, of cours most of the parrots flew away just as I was about to take the photo.
Today is the first day of Autumn - well, officially anyway - and we are experiencing an absolutely gorgeous sunny and not too hot day here. Jack and I are about to go for a walk in the Gardens. The sun is out so hopefully I may be able to get a photo or two to add to my next post.


  1. The brown paper samples and souvenirs are just beautiful Robin - no wonder they sell so well. Would Misty Fuse work any better then the new vliesoflex - it does not have a backing. Love the picture of your garden, a fantastic tree. Maggi

  2. Did you notice the rusty stuff on the March WOW

  3. Love your Ratty Tatty pieces and the souvenirs you made from them. I shall have to investigate that course - it sounds right up my street. Love the look of your back garden too. Do the parrots do much damage to plants and trees? They are quite big birds - our pigeons can be a pest especially in the veg. garden. I followed up Doreen's blog on rust dyeing and have just cleared up after my first session. I have black finger nails but also some rather nice samples which I'll post on my blog tomorrow.

  4. Love those colours and the bookmarks Robin.

  5. Love these Robin. The colours are gorgeous. You produce such wonderful articles as an end result. Have taken a fancy to the brown paper painting to use up left overs!
    Heather McMaster

  6. My finger nails still look grubby and I'm going out tomorrow. Good job the weather is cold again here, I can keep my gloves on!

  7. Love the work on brown paper Robin - it is nice to work on isn't it - I prefer it crumpled as you get such patterns appearing without thinking about how to make them.

  8. Hello again Robin - yes it is Grungebord on my altered book. It's lovely stuff and I want to explore more uses for it. My nails still haven't fully recovered - keep scrubbing!

  9. I love your samples and can't wait to start Ratty Tatty.


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