Tuesday, 24 March 2009

An ATC and more Gardens photos

This lovely ATC came from Heather in the UK. We recently agreed to do a swap. I think I got by far the better end of the bargain. Heather also sent this beautiful handmade card enclosing the ATC. Do go to visit her blog, you will be inspired.

The next two photos show the growth in a section of the Botanic Gardens in the last three years. This bed was planted in April 2006 as part of the Stage 2 development. The next photo was taken last week, from the other direction, but you can see the wall and the path. I would only get a picture of a tree very close up if I tried to stand where I stood to take the original.

Bill is updating the handbook we use as guides in the Gardens and we often have arguments when he sends me round to get an updated photo - I come back and say this is the closest I can get, he says it is no good, then realizes when he is next there that we can't replicate many of the original photos at all - very exciting to see how well everything is growing though.

The lovely big strappy leaved plants in the foreground are Crinum lilies, I shall have to find some photos of the flowers to show you. They are used all round Mackay as decorative plants in the median strips - very showy white flowers. There are a couple of different varieties, though they all look the same to me, but some are native to the drier inland areas, while these ones are local to this area.
Not much creative work seems to be getting done around here at present, I spent most of last week closing off accounts and balance sheets to hand over the treasurer's job to a new committee with the University Library Society. Bill and I have RETIRED from the committee after 19 years!!!!! What a relief, and there was no trouble getting replacements, yippee.
This is only a very short post, but it is so long since I have posted and I really miss it. Trouble is that I need to have time to do other things - even boring stuff like defrosting freezers - and I find I can lose an hour or two so very quickly when I am having fun reading others' blogs!


  1. What a lovely treat to be able to walk round those beautiful gardens with that gorgeous backdrop of distant hills/mountains. I always appreciate views which have great distance as although I enjoy living where we do, we are a bit hemmed in with trees and other houses and it is a treat to be able to stretch ones' eyes. Enjoy your retirement - you'll probably be busier than ever!

  2. Great Photos Robin,
    and a lovely ATC from Heather

  3. Time flies when you are having fun, Robin Mac! Time doesn't fly though when we are doing boring things like defrosting freezers.

  4. Beautiful ATC from Heather, I love her work. Now you have finished on the committee no doubt you will find other things to do to fill your time.

  5. Ah Robin you voiced my own sentiments exactly!Other boring stuff - cleaning widows another - gets in way & yes a roam around the blogs & interesting sites on the net can certainly eat into time so easily. Then there is less time to be creative!! mLove your ATC Heather sent you
    Heather QLD


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