Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Apologies and some ATCs

First up I really want to apologise to Maggi to whom I gave an award in my last blog. If you clicked on the link for Gini you would have arrived at Maggi's blog. Sorry for my poor computer skills. I tried unsuccessfully to edit the post, then gave up in disgust and decided the best thing is just to start a new post!

This lovely ATC below is alnother one in the embellisher course swap and is from Sylvia who does not have a blog. I love all the subtle shading she has done.

This next one is quite different, from Marianne in Western Australia, she does not have a blog either. Marianne thought it was not very inspiring, but I love it.
Marianne placed her ATC inside this lovely card which is also made by her. It is a print from an original drawing of the Karri forest at Boranup in SW Western Australia.

Today is Melbourne Cup day in Australia, the race which stops a nation, but it doesn't stop too much in this household. I don't bother with Melbourne Cup luncheons these days, prefer to have prawns and a glass of wine at home where we can watch the race on our own TV, and also hear it! I have never been able to hear above the chatter when I have been at a large lunch!
Not anything to show you of mine today. I am experimenting with bits of Maggie's new book, and am also thinking about what to do with the cataloguekiller online lessons - they are very exciting. More later.


  1. Hi Robin
    Love the ATC's
    hope you are enjoying Maggies book and class.

  2. Hi Robin, love the atc's. I am having a small amount of fun with Maggies class, shouldnt be trying to do two at once as I am way behind in the fibre in form but will use it all later.
    Supposed to get rain tonight but they keep revising back the amount. Perth has been getting it but here today it was tropical so i hope it rains, but not too much for the show over the week end.

  3. I love the ATC's and little painting/card. I often think that something simple like that has more life in it than a perfectly executed large painting. I bought another lot of gesso today under the name 'Boldmere'. I don't know this one at all and am hoping it will be thicker that W&N. I'm too impatient to wait for it to dry out a bit!! Photos hopefully arriving on my blog this weekend, and Santa is bringing me my own digital camera this Christmas! It is strange to think that while my catalogues are so wet I can imagine them trickling through my fingers, those on the other side of the world are having to be watered regularly. How lovely it is to be able to 'chat' like this.


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