Thursday, 13 November 2008

More ATCs and Maggie's class

Two more lovely ATCs have arrived at my place from the embellisher swap our group who recently finished Dale's course carried out. The one above is from Barb and has been done on foiled felt.
The gorgeous blue one has been made by Chris who does not have a blog site as far as I know. She used painted lutradur zapped and embellished to felt as the base. I really like them both.

Here are some photos I have taken of what I have been doing for the online free class if you have bought Maggie's latest book. Can't tell you what I have really done - you need to buy the book for that.

Sorry about the funny bit at the top of this photo, I couldn't find a suitable background to take the photo in front of. If I ever learn how to use the new Paint Shop Pro software Bill has just bought I could take that unwanted background away with no trouble! I have been studying the instruction book, I think it is written in English, but I am beginning to wonder, there is not too much that makes sense to me at present. I am sure the IT people who write these manuals only write them for others who already know what they are doing and therefore understand the text!!!

Anyway this is the book standing up, and the picture below is of the inside. Now I just have to make some pages - yet another challenge. As I told the group, I have been strictly a textiles person till now, all this mixed media stuff is very challenging - but lots of fun.

I want to make a book next year for when our son Stuart and his partner Natalie are being married, so I need to practise all the techniques I want to use, and this time I will really have to work on some designing first, and lots of samples. At least, that is my resolution at the moment. Most of my projects seem to happen serendipitously I am afraid. I do admire all of you who design and make sample after sample, I am far too impatient.
Now I had better go and make some more souvenirs before I go back to playing again.......till next time.


  1. The book is coming on beautifully Robin. I have yet to get the inside of the cover done - it is pouring with rain here at the moment and I do all my 'wet' stuff in the garage. I know what you mean about software manuals - they are not written for us mere mortals. I have Photoshop and hate the fact that I also have to read the instructions on the computer these days, no manuals provided that you can sit and read in comfort. Look forward to seeing the wedding book - my designing tends to be hit and miss, sometimes I do samples but then at other times I just go with the flow. Your work is always lovely so I say, whatever works for you, do it. Maggi

  2. Lovely ATC's and lovely book from maggies class nice to see what everyone has done

  3. Hi Robin, you seem to be getting ahead with all sorts of things, loved the moth and the walk through the gardens and well my book cover doesnt look as good as yours, but I am trying some samples so I know what I am doing later, I hope! Must at some stage get on with the inner pages.

  4. Hi Robyn. What a beatiful book cover both inside and out, the colours are so rich. I must agree with your comments on the IT manuals. I have just started to dabble with 'Photoshop' and bought the basic book 'Photoshop for Dummies', only to discover I need the one before this!!! Only there isn't one! I find it soooooo difficult. xx

  5. Your book from Maggie's class is going to be lovely - I think I rushed mine but am making a larger one for my daughter so will take more care with that. Your photo's of the gardens and lagoon are so beautiful. Everything looks very lush, it's hard to understand that you have drought conditions. It just goes to show that if the right plant is growing in the right place, all will be well.

  6. I never sample anything. I just jump in with both feet!

  7. I forgot to say I love your book.


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