Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Reading matters

I haven't had time to do much creating the last few days, but I have started reading this fascinating book 'People of the Book' by Geraldine Brooks. I heard several interviews with her a few weeks back. The 'book' is a very old Jewish Haggadah. This book really exists, and was saved in the second world war by a Muslim librarian, then in the Bosnian-Serbian war by a Muslim librarian again. There are several other historical facts known about the book, and Geraldine Brooks weaves a wonderful story of fiction and fact about the conservator who works on it, as well as the people who handled it down through the centuries. I thought this was a book I could dip into at my leisure, easily putting it down when other jobs needed to be done!! More fool me, I am hopelessly addicted to reading and I should have held off starting this till I go to Townsville in a couple of weeks - when I will have quite a bit of spare time - I think.....

We had a lovely few days with our son and grand daughter, the little ones become big ones all too quickly. Hannah is still young enough to love a cuddle and hug in the mornings when she wakes, and to want Granny to read to her, even though she is reading her own very simple books now.

Still having wonderful Autumn weather, so I managed to get into the gardne for a short time, even spread some mulch around, with my mask firmly in place. I managed to acquire some wonderful fungus Asperllogis in my nasal passages before Christmas, or in reality, I think about June last year. It was apparently from something in the garden, very interesting to the doctors, but I would prefer to have been very boring and straightforward and just not have it!!! I had some surgery on my sinuses before Christmas and have to wear a mask in the garden - most offputting in the hot humid months here, and the grandkids think I look sooooo funny...........oh well, at least I can entertain them.

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