Sunday, 18 October 2015

Crazy dog

 I finally managed to get a (slightly blurry) photo of Jock carrying his precious rabbit around.  He is now seven and was given this toy when he was only a  few months old.  he just adores it and carries it out to greet any visitors.  He also gives it a very hard shaking whenever he is annoyed with a passing noisy truck!  We are all amazed it has lasted all this time.  he has quite a few soft toys and he loves them all - he has never tried to pull them apart, which all our previous dogs would certainly have don within a few days.  Rabbit has needed some significant repairs over the years but just from normal wear and tear.
 My ardisia has been flowering magnificently this year.  I will need to prune it heavily shortly so there are no seeds on it.  Jock loves to eat them and some of the gardening books say they are poisonous so we will take no chances. At least the seeds on this variety are a boring black so I don't feel so bad.  I would be very cross about missing the glorious red berries on the common ardisia.
 The ruellia has gone on flowering for simply ages also, I think the plants are telling us something about the dry times we are continuing to experience.
Ditto the Whitfieldia, though this lovely shrub has bursts all through the year. The flowers last well in a vase also so that is an even greater plus.
The wind is still blowing and we have had no rain so I need to do some hand watering to keep my shrubs going.  I had just been watering the pot plants when I realised some of my garden beds were none too happy.  I am cutting back a lot of rubbish so I can get at the parts I want to mulch.  Thank goodness the hot weather has not really started here yet - has been much hotter down south - should be the other way round! Cheers till next time


  1. Lovely pics of exotic plants - so different from anything in my garden. Jock and his rabbit look so sweet. As you say, most dogs would have shredded it to bits long ago. Hope you get some rain and no damaging heat.

  2. Heavens, is Jock as old as that! Love your flowers. We have so far had 0.2 mm for October, it is all so terribly dry and windy and hot one minute and cool the next. John is very worried. Seems odd you are dry too, be nice to have a "normal" year for a change, if there is such a thing.


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