Sunday, 25 October 2015

A busy week

We usually lead a very quiet social life, but for some reason this week has been quite hectic - out to dinner three times and dinner guests here pm another night!

On Friday night we had dinner at a trendy restaurant  in the City Heart - not our choice and definitely not food to Bill's liking - very fiddly, fussy servings on strange platters, with sauces drizzled round the food to garnish the plate.  I would like to have taken a photo but it was also  very dark.  The company was lots of fun so we enjoyed the evening - and we were not paying so no complaints.

I had a scaled down version of this photo, but I seem to have lost it.    This a piece of art which the council has erected in the  median strip in the City Heart.  There are several other similar pieces apparently at the other end of the street - causing considerable controversy.  I think they are quite fun. but the colours will fade within a few years with our tropical sun.  The Council has spent millions of dollars on a beautification project with very mixed results.  I think the little bits I have seen are very boring, but I almost never go in there anyway.  Many of the shops have closed  in the last two years while all of this has been happening, some because of the recession, but others because nobody could  get to them with road closures.
The next controversial act of the
Council has been to announce the City Library will  move into a refitted building in the City Heart next year as well.  Currently it is part of a precinct housing the Council administration building, an art gallery, the senior citizens Hall and t he Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre. All of these are surrounded by a park, with relatively easy access to parking.
The move was announced as a done deal with no prior public consultation which has not helped. I think there are exciting possibilities, but parking is a big issue and I am not sure the money will be available  for all the features which are supposed to go into it.  Time will tell.
Now it is time to co out into the garden to plant out some seedlings I bought yesterday.



  1. Interesting what councils think are best for people.

  2. I have always found it strange that councils spend millions on projects to regenerate a rundown area, usually by building hundreds more shops when so many of the original ones have closed down. Your complex housing library, art gallery, etc, sounds excellent the way it is. Time will tell if the people accept the new ideas.


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