Sunday, 31 May 2015

Gardening matters - and some very large prawns

My orchids are flowering again, with absolutely no help from me. That is the sort of orchid I like - they hang under the tree and occasionally get watered!

The photo is not wonderful as they hang very close to the ground and I am not very good at getting down low!

The cardinal creeper is also putting out lots of flowers which the honeyeaters and the bees a
all love.  They have such a lovely shiny  .surface to the flower.

This next photo was taken several m months ago.  The bromeliad flowers are looking very sad now and I would really like to cut them off and trim up the plant....But...the sunbirds and my native bees are still in there every morning so the sad plants remain. 

This, however is one branch of the Abelia which was definitely pruned off - after Bill had taken to it with the pest spray.   He did not think there were many wasps there, but well over 50 flew out into the spray - and hopefully died. one had died earlier after it stung me - ouch!

Now to the prawns.  A friend of ours brought these monsters back from Cairns.  I have no idea what variety they are, but they are the largest prawns I have ever seen, and they are not as large as some he brought last year.  I fried them in some clarified butter and lime juice - they are nice but we both prefer the smaller tiger prawns.  We would not dream of offending him by rejecting the gift though.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend.  This is the last official day of Autumn here, but it feels like mid summer.  I believe it is due to turn very cold in Brisbane overnight so perhaps we will have a cold snap by Tuesday. 


  1. Yum to the prawns. My orchids are starting to flower now too but I have to look after them, it has got quite cold and wet. still taking things day by day!

  2. Lovely to grow orchids in your garden. I can't bear to cut plants if there are still bees visiting. I believe lavender should be cut just before it blooms to get the most scent from it, but I can't bear to do that and let the bees have the benefit from it.
    Prawns - yum. I love them.

  3. Orchids are such beautiful plants. I have those little pink ones at the "farm" in a little area of rainforest. They grow on the trees and get no attention except the rain nature brings.

    I love all prawns(except imported of course) and these look delicious. I used to always buy the banana prawns when I lived in North Queensland.

    Good to see you out in the garden.

  4. How lovely to be able to grow orchids outside.


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