Sunday, 24 May 2015

A birthday present

Twelve years ago this weekend, our Botanic Gardens officially opened.  The Friends have just purchased a Golf Buggy for Staff and Friends to use around our extensive grounds.  Fortuitously it was ready to hand over in time for a celebratory morning tea.

We invited some of out Councillors to come along and do the honours unwrapping the buggy - after we had wrapped it (in a cover we have bought for it) and decorated it with streamers!
Everybody is thrilled with the present.  I have sat in it but Bill has been for a ride already!
The paper work and regulations we had to work through to donate this to the council were unbelievable, and we are still not completely sure we will be allowed to take members of the general public for a ride - something to do with the limited registration which we have paid.  Volunteers are okay, we are covered by a different insurance! 
The volunteers who usually have to wheel heavy trolleys with water cans on to water new  plants in areas without reticulated water will be dancing with joy - they can load up the golf buggy and travel half a kilometre or more in style.
 Autumn has really arrived here.  Thankfully we had a gorgeous day on Friday, but since then the wind has got up and a drizzly rain with very strong winds has arrived. I had planned to spend the day in the garden, but instead I have read some blogs and put up a post as well - some achievement!
 It is just on twelve months since I lost my sight so I am getting used to what I can manage to do now, mostly by just ignoring the loss. 
 I hope you have been enjoying your weekend. 


  1. what a wonderful thing to have, sometimes I think a golf buggy would be useful here, glad you are coping. Tried to do too much today and am now regretting it, still I know I am getting better.

  2. The buggy is a wonderful present and as you say, the volunteers will find it a godsend. You sound very positive in spite of your problems - which is the best way to cope with them. I hope you will find fulfilling alternatives to those activities which are no longer possible.
    We had a glorious day yesterday but today is quite cool and damp. I daresay June will come in blazing and we'll all be knocked for six!

  3. Hi Robin, it would have been a great day to celebrate 12 years. I am trying to think what that area was li8ke when you started. You should all be proud of what you have achieved and deserve this wonderful gift. I think we are grossly over regulated these days. Always good to see you blogging. I have been away again in hospital...5th time this year so have not had much time or felt like blogging.


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