Thursday, 26 February 2015

Weather matters

We have gone back to having very hot sticky days with still no rain.  I should not really complain however as at least we have power so can use fans and air conditioning.  Our office area has the air conditioning running all the time to keep the computers cool.  Jock beats us up the stairs to be let in and gets quite indignant if we are not going there!  He likes his creature comforts!
 The poor souls in Rockhampton and Yeppoon and areas around there which were affected by the cyclone are really struggling.  There are still over 40,000 people still with no power and may have to wait at least another week before being reconnected.  Temps in the area are up to 36 degrees Celsius so I don't know how they are managing to keep any food safe for eating. Unfortunately some lowlife have been stealing generators which have been donated/lent to victims.  I think anyone who is caught will have the book thrown at them
When we thought we may be in the outside path of the cyclone we had to think what we would do about food supplies - and decided to do nothing, thinking we had left it too late  anyway.  We were not really concerned as we did not anticipate being without power in our area .However many Mackay residents did rush out and panic buy.  I find  it  fascinating to see what people put in their trolleys in those situations.  The supermarket shelves were almost cleared of toilet paper and frozen goods.  I am not sure why you would buy frozen stuff if you are expecting to be without power for some time.  Our dilemma in these situations is that we normally eat very little processed food and dislike most of the tinned processed food available.  I hate buying stuff only to throw it out uneaten several months later.  At present our generator is not working so we would not even have had the benefit of that!  We were certainly lucky.
The weather is certainly behaving in a crazy way.  this is the end of February and the inland areas of Queensland are likely to have temps in the mid 40s during the weekend - that is unheard of.  They are in a dreadful drought out there as well.  Some places are in their third failed wet season, they must be really desperate by now.  I am so glad we do not depend on the land for our living, but I wish we could send some rain out there.
The Garden Friends committee had a meeting with Council officers a few days ago and we all came away feeling much more positive about the future of our Gardens.  The Council officers sound like they are on the same wavelength as us, now we just have to hope they can persuade the elected Councillors to agree.  Time will tell.


  1. Hope you all get some less extreme weather soon, and that the future of the Gardens will be secured. It does me good to read about the weather in the USA and Australia - it makes ours seem far more 'ordinary' even when it's being unusual!

  2. I hope the weather cools off for you and you have some rains to quench the earth. We're waiting for warmth and sunshine to arrive and the thaw to begin. That may take some time.........

  3. I agree with you about strange weather, we are way below average for rain, a most none for February, we get the odd 0.02 mm not worth having, Temps up and down I will be glad when summer and day light saving are over. You were so lucky with the cyclone but friends near Rocky are struggling. No power for so long in that heat, horrid. I do sometimes think we are over fixated on frozen food.

  4. The weather is so weird. I thought I felt a nice cool autumn breeze the other night, but lo and behold the higher temperatures came back. Glad to see you blogging again Robin.

  5. I do hope that the weather returns to some kind of normality for you soon. Good news about the Gardens.


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