Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The gremlins have been at work

I wrote a post on Sunday which I thought I had finally managed to publish after a lot of fiddling around.  Now I discover nothing happened...grrrr.   My Magic software is wonderful in that it magnifies everything so I can read, but it sometimes has a mind of its own and hides bits - like the publish button!
Never mind, I can write it all again.  We had a very successful visit to Townsville last week - amazingly there were no holdups  because of roadworks! There has been enough rain for the countryside to look lovely and green, but the proper wet season monsoon has not yet arrived so the  water supplies have not yet been replenished.  Looks as if that may happen this week.  Far North Queensland has been drenched with days of very heavy rain which is now  moving south.

We were so lucky last Saturday.  Our wonderful curator of the Botanic Gardens is moving on and we were holding a farewell function for him, mainly in open air.  We dud have plan B and really thought that would need to occur when we were continuing to get very heavy showers till about 4.30 pm.  Then the sun shone  and we had a perfect afternoon and evening.
We are all devastated that Dale is leaving, he is so passionate about the Gardens and has worked so very hard here.  He would actually have liked to stay another couple of years, but the position of curator of Mt. Coot-tha  Botanic Gardens and the heritage CBD Gardens in Brisbane was offered to him.  That is a once in a lifetime offer which he is so lucky to obtain, so of course we wish him well.  I hope Brisbane really appreciate what a gem they are getting.
Of course now we have to hope our local council will advertise for and employ  a new curator with botanical knowledge, rather than just a parks manager!  This has been a problem with some of our councillors think our Gardens are a waste of money - they are not apparently generating sufficient income. Time will tell, but the Friends committee is meeting with some of the managers in Council who will be selecting the curator to put our point of view across.  Lets hope we can influence them.
 Our garden at home is looking very green and lush, but very overgrown.  Bill is gradually getting his strength and energy back, but is not able to do much heavy pruning and lifting  yet.  I can't weed properly as I can't distinguish properly what is a weed till I have pulled it out. then discovering it really was a plant I wanted to keep!  So we have a tropical jungle.  The birds are happy, I hear the little honeyeaters singing away, even if I can't see them properly.
I think I had better see if I can get this to publish, Magic keeps leaving spaces where I have typed letters and I have to keep clicking the mouse over them to make the letters show up.



  1. Lovely to see you posting. We desperately need rain, and it has been hot, although a few cooler days have been welcome.

  2. Nice to have you back. I do hope you get another good curator for the Gardens. Could you get someone to help you and Bill to tame your 'jungle', then it would be easier to manage until Bill is back in form.

  3. Nice to see you posting. hope you get the needed rains coming soon.

  4. Nice to have you back posting. I do hope that the Council see sense about the Curator's position.


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